If you love unlikely collaborations and storytelling, Takis should hold a top spot on your artist shortlist. The Canadian creator loves bringing together artists who differ stylistically to produce relatable, emotion-driven music as he did with ‘Wait For Me’, his recent, all-Canadian match-up with Goody Grace and Tory Lanez.
Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Takis’ formative years spun around his obsession with hip-hop. While still in high school, he landed an internship at a small independent hip-hop radio station, fell in love with music and vowed to have his own records hit the airwaves one day.
His career began with DJing in small venues and (eventually) local clubs, and quickly led to him producing his own records and remixes as well. Takis recounts a pivotal moment in his career when the radio station he worked for sent him to cover a local EDM festival. “I’ll never forget seeing the energy that this music created”, Takis explains. “I immediately knew that I wanted to merge the music I grew up loving so much with the energy and “feeling” that dance music gave me. Going to that festival changed my life forever.”
Takis’ relatable backstory, charged with conflicting feelings surrounding his hometown, threads through every aspect of his upcoming  

‘Welcome Home’ project, a lodestar for aspiring creators dealing with similar, oftentimes discouraging conditions.
“The day I started making music, I had a confusing love-hate relationship with my hometown that I couldn’t seem to shake. It wasn’t just the powerful nostalgia of past relationships or the magnetic pull to never leave and stay in comfort, but also my urge to explore, my ambition to make a name for myself and my obsession to make my hometown proud."
Putting the inner perfectionist and storyteller in full view, Takis’ ‘Welcome Home’ project is more than just a collection of lyrically inspired, well-thought-out records. It’s a place of acceptance.
“This story seemed like it was mine alone, but when I started working with other artists, I came to realize that they all had their own stories about where they grew up and that everybody wants to become their own person and explore. You can’t hide from where you came from no matter how hard you try. What started out as my story growing up in a small town and seeking acceptance, became all of our stories and the reflection of our earliest memories.”

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