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Body Language for Confidence: Mark Bowden

Body language expert Mark Bowden explains how to use body language for confidence.

In this interview, Mark Bowden also answers: can body language be misinterpreted, how to use body language / non-verbal communication effectively, and how to use body language for confidence and better communication with others.

Mark Bowden is a Body Language Expert. Voted the #1 Body Language Professional in the world for two years running, Mark Bowden is passionate about giving your audience the most influential and persuasive communication techniques to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility every time they speak. Inspiring, energetic, engaging, and entirely entertaining, Mark Bowden’s work is consistently invaluable to sales and leadership teams, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and prime ministers of G7 powers. His highly acclaimed TEDx talk has reached millions of people, and he has presented to many of the biggest, coolest, and most innovative organizations in the world.

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