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Bodyguard Explains How He Protects The Rich And Famous: Will Geddes

Celebrity bodyguard reveals how they work, how celebrity bodyguards are trained and how they protect the rich and famous. Today I spoke with Will Geddes aka the “real life” James Bond, he's the go-to bodyguard for A-list celebrities and movie stars. It was interesting learning about how bodyguards like Will go through such intense training to prepare for protecting celebrities, CEOs, and politicians.

Will has gone from protecting Hollywood celebrities to being engaged in firefights while working in Iraq - he’s been through it all. Will explained tricks of the trade, the gadgets he uses while on the job, how to plan for high-risk emergency scenarios, how to scout locations before security detail, and how to get ready mentally and physically to put their lives on the line for VIP clients.

Such a fun/ wild episode, big thank you to Will Geddes for joining us. You can learn more about Will and his security services here:

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