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Brian Muraresku: Drugs and Religion (Full Episode)

Brian Muraresku explains the link between drugs and religion.

What is the connection between religion, Christianity, Eleusis, and psychedelics? According to Brian Muraresku, author of The Immortality Key, there is secrecy behind the origins of psychedelics and the connection psychedelics have to early Christianity and Christmas. Brian Muraresku’s book The Immortality Key is what Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan call the "best-kept secret in history".

Brian C. Muraresku is the New York Times Best Selling author of The Immortality Key: the Secret History of the Religion with No Name. His book is a groundbreaking dive into the role psychedelics have played in the origins of Western civilization, and the real-life quest for the Holy Grail that could shake the Church to its foundations. He believes that the psychedelic origins of the world's great spiritual practices could impact how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Brian recently gained global attention for his appearance on The Joe Rogan Show with Graham Hancock (episode #1543). I thank him for joining me today! If you’d like, you can support his new book The Immortality Key here: Win a PlayStation 5: Stream the show: Connect with Takis: Contact Takis: Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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