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Ed Calderon: The Influence of El Chapo

Ed Calderon explains the influence of El Chapo, El Chapo's son captured, and of course El Chapo's many escapes from jail. #ElChapo #EdCalderon Surviving Mexican drug cartels and cartel corruption explained by Ed Calderon, a Mexican crime and Narcos expert.

Also in this episode, Ed Calderon predicts military intervention in Mexico in 5 years, the influence of El Chapo, the fall of El Chapo, and why El Chapo’s son was released. We also talked about how Mexico’s cartel power goes beyond drugs in the form of money laundering or what Ed call’s “the art of cleaning money”.

Ed Calderon has worked in the fields of counter-narcotics, organized crime investigation, in the northern border region of Mexico for over a decade. He is considered to be one of the top experts for Mexican drug cartels and narcos operations and tactics. Ed Calderon is best known in pop culture for his multiple appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience. Both episodes #1302 and #1408 are fascinating.

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His most recent episode with Joe Rogan: (Joe Rogan Experience #1408 - Ed Calderon)

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