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Frank Bourassa: The World’s Greatest Counterfeiter

Meet Frank Bourassa aka “the world’s greatest counterfeiter.”

Frank Bourassa made $250M in counterfeit money and got away with it. In this episode, I met the “king of fake cash” or "the paper caper", we discussed how they actually print counterfeit money, how to turn fake money into real cash, the art of making money, and how to make a buck counterfeiting.

Frank Bourassa is "the world's greatest counterfeiter" because he printed $250 million in fake US currency until he was caught by an undercover cop in 2012. In a shocking twist, he hardly served any jail time due to a wild last-minute offer. Today, Frank Bourassa reveals his complex process and the stress of his arrest.

As you can tell I blew it on the audio quality today & apologize if it bothered you, will do my best to improve. Hope you found the stories interesting regardless.

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