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How Music Got Free: Stephen Witt

Stephen Witt explains how music got free through music piracy.

What happened to Limewire and Megaupload? Websites like Limewire helped pirates illegally download thousands of songs for free as mp3’s, crushing major record labels and exposing the music industry until eventually “music got free.”

Stephen Witt is a Los Angeles-based writer with a focus on investigative journalism. He is best known for his book How Music Got Free. First published in June 2015, How Music Got Free is a narrative history of music piracy and tells the true story of the scientists, smugglers, and suits who fought the Internet’s first content war. It covers the scientific development of the mp3 and the fall of the record industry in detail, but the core of the story is the organized criminal conspiracy that infiltrated the music industry’s supply chain, leaking more than 10,000 albums to the Internet. Read How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt: Stream The Welcome Home Podcast with Takis: Connect with Takis: Contact Takis: Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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