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How to Grow a Real Fanbase: Kato on the Track

How can a musician grow a real fanbase and become a six-figure musician on Spotify with Kato on the Track.

In this episode music producer, Kato breaks down how to build a fanbase as a rapper, how to build a fanbase on Spotify or Apple Music, and how to build a fanbase as an artist on social media.

We covered - how a musician can build a fanbase of 1,000 true fans from scratch through quality music and patience. To be clear, this isn't a simple process. Building a fanbase can be discouraging when you're just starting your music career so I asked Kato On The Track his view on luck, music marketing, and the word “realistic” for musicians trying to start a music career.

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Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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