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Jamie Metzl Questions the Origins of Covid 19

What started the pushback against the Wuhan "lab leak" theory?

This episode investigates the origins of coronavirus with the best-selling author and biohacker, Jamie Metzl. Despite enduring the COVID pandemic for over a year, the question remains - how and why did Covid 19 begin? At the time of this upload, The World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation into the origins of Covid-19 has said that a laboratory leak is the least likely hypothesis. Today’s guest Jamie Metzl, fresh off of his recent Joe Rogan appearance isn’t convinced.

We also discussed Biohacking, Gene editing, and North Korea. This conversation went all over the place but to be clear, conspiracy theories don’t interest me, I don’t follow politics, and I have no interest in blaming others for the pandemic. That being said, I feel deeply uncomfortable and anxious knowing that if we don’t figure out how this all started, it will happen again in our lifetime. That’s something I’m not sure I can live through again.

Jamie Metzl is a former National Security analyst. I found Jamie’s work via his brilliant book - Hacking Darwin. He’s had a popular Ted Talk, spoken at Google Headquarters, and has had many appearances on major platforms including The Joe Rogan Experience, The Portal with Eric Weinstein, and Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu just to name a few. This episode was recorded on January 31st, 2021.

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