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Lenny Cooke: The Prospect Ranked Higher Than LeBron James

Meet Lenny Cooke, the high school basketball player who was once ranked higher than LeBron James. Today’s interview covers the tragic career of Lenny Cooke, a high school basketball prospect who was ranked higher than LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire. I wanted to interview Lenny Cooke to find out what went wrong, what happened, why do a full documentary movie, and why NBA athletes go broke. Most importantly how can you go from the most hyped high school basketball player in the country to undrafted in the blink of an eye? How can you go from Lenny Cooke vs. LeBron James to what happened to Lenny Cooke?

Lenny Cooke was supposed to be the next great NBA superstar, they even made a documentary about him. Sadly, two decades later, while his once close friends are making millions, winning MVP awards, and championship rings, Lenny has still never touched an NBA court. Please keep in mind that some basketball fans believe that Lenny Cooke was NEVER better than Lebron James, it’s still a heated debate online to this day. I highly recommend watching the full Lenny Cooke documentary movie after this podcast for additional context.

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