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NFTs Will Change The Music Business More Than Spotify Did: Matt Medved

What is an NFT? In this episode, Matt Medved discussed how NFTs are changing music, the future of the music business, Spotify vs. Apple, and how non-fungible tokens can become the main income stream for musicians.

I also asked Matt Medved if NFT music is just a trend, what NFTs will become for DIY artists, 3LAU, beeple, the future of VR concerts, and most importantly how NFTs can help musicians.

In May 2015, Matt Medved launched Billboard Dance, Billboard's dance and electronic music channel. While growing Billboard's dance music audience more than eightfold, he played a key role in breaking future headliners like Kygo and Marshmello.

In September 2017, Medved co-hosted the inaugural Electronic Music Awards in Los Angeles. In March 2018, Medved launched Billboard's new ranking of dance musicians titled Billboard Dance 100.

Today, Matt is the senior vice president of content at lifestyle publisher Modern Luxury, a fellow music producer and NFT advocate. Big thank you to Matt for doing the show!

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