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Shaun Attwood: The Unbelievable Story of an Ecstasy Kingpin

What a wild episode! The unbelievable story of a notorious drug dealer who faced 200 years in America’s deadliest prison and was featured on Locked-Up Abroad. Ecstasy kingpin, Shaun Attwood joined me to reveal his experience with the Mexican Mafia & Sammy The Bull Gravano. Shaun Attwood is known as “England’s Wolf of Wall Street” from his past success as a stock-market millionaire that turned into an ecstasy kingpin who is now banned from entering the United States for life.

Shaun Attwood was a stock market millionaire who eventually started using and giving away ecstasy. This path eventually lead to selling it on a small scale until Shaun decided to start importing and distributing so much ecstasy that he was in direct competition with the Gambino crime family. Finally, we talked about the SWAT team raid that brought Shaun face to face with a 200-year federal prison sentence.

Today, Shaun Attwood is helping the youth stay away from drugs and learn from his mistakes. Shaun is the author of multiple best-selling books.

If you’d like, you can support Shaun here: Shaun’s YouTube Channel: Win a PlayStation 5: Connect with Takis: Contact Takis: Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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