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The Credit Card Scammer: John Boseak

How John Boseak went from homeless to a multi-million dollar cyber credit card scammer.

John Boseak has been called many things including, “The Kingpin of Credit Card Fraud”, Miami’s “Dark Lord of Credit Card Scams”, and the “King of Carding.” In this episode, John Boseak explains how he committed fraud, dark web credit card scamming 101, and why fake credit card scams are “chump change”.

Thanks to Matthew Cox, I found John Boseak on the Koncrete podcast. Matt Cox also wrote BENT: How a Homeless Teen–Turned Credit Card Counterfeiter–Made Millions in the Cyber Underworld and Walked Away, a book about John J. Boseak that you can find here:

Regardless of how you feel about John, it’s an undeniably interesting true crime story. John is a charismatic dude who has cleaned up his life as a professional tattoo artist with a major documentary in the works. Once again, sorry about the audio, John was traveling today so we couldn’t meet my quality standard. I apologize if it bothered you! Final chance to enter to win a PS5: Connect with Takis: Contact Takis: Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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