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The Toxic World of Self Help: Authentic or Charlatan? Spencer Cornelia

Today I interview Spencer Cornelia, best known for his popular YouTube series “Authentic or Charlatan.”

Spencer Cornelia believes that the business of selling success is broken. Spencer Cornelia created “Authentic or Charlatan” to critique the rise of “fake gurus” and share the dark truth about the toxic world of self-help.

Authentic or Charlatan exposes self-help gurus like Dan Lok, Tai Lopez, Dan Pena, and Grant Cardone. The big question remains: are these self-help success gurus a scam or not?

I found Spencer on a similar channel called “Coffeezilla” where the guys were discussing if self-improvement can "ruin" your life, if you can really get rich quick, and if success is luck or hard work? We covered all the above in this episode plus something much closer to home, his popular video called “Why Your Favorite Musicians Are Broke." Enjoy the episode! Win a PS5 (Only a few weeks left to enter!): If you’d like, you can check out Spencer’s channel here: Stream the show: Connect with Takis: Contact Takis: Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.

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