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Tim Chantarangsu: So You Want To Be A YouTuber?

How to get started on YouTube, how to start a YouTube channel in 2021, and how to be a YouTuber? To answer those big questions, I spoke to Tim Chantarangsu (formerly Timothy DeLaGhetto) about YouTuber trends, YouTube creator advice, and his thoughts on viral content creation. We also talked about his infamous Wild N Out episode with Azealia Banks, his appearance in the Drake x Justin Bieber music video, and went in-depth on his move retiring the name "Timothy DeLaGhetto".

There are a lot of videos out there that claim to tell you how to become a famous YouTuber or how much money a YouTuber makes but very few people have actually done what they’re advising. Tim Chantarangsu is a reputable voice because he’s been a successful content creator for well over a decade.

Important note - Tim is a real-life friend and mentor of mine for as long as I could remember, so this interview was much more casual than my typical episodes and this was the first episode I ever recorded so I apologize for any poor audio moments or errors. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this episode!

Check out Tim Chantarangsu’s popular podcast “No Chaser” here:

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