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Was Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Framed for Murder By Corrupt Cops? Lyn Ulbricht

Who is Ross Ulbricht? Was the Silk Road founder framed for murder by corrupt cops? I asked Lyn Ulbricht about her son who created the dark web e-commerce platform called “Silk Road” which earned $183 million dollars, where its users could exchange a variety of goods, both legal and illegal, which was drugs in most cases.

Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to double life plus 40 years without parole, at the age of 26. Ross was a first-time offender who was charged with non-violent crimes and still got twice the prison sentence as El Chapo. Lyn Ulbricht was expecting a pardon from former President Donald J. Trump, that never came.

Ever since Ross went to prison, Lynn Ulbricht has been campaigning to expose the corruption within our judicial system and the shocking sentences handed down by prosecutors and judges. Recently, filmmaker Tiller Russell was on Joe Rogan discussing how he turned the "Silk Road" story Into a movie about the dark side of Silk Road. For those asking "is the movie Silk Road a true story?", Lyn Ulbricht would say no.

I’m conflicted in many ways but what I am sure of is that his sentence feels incredibly unfair. If you're interested, you can support Ross here:​

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