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What Is the Social Dilemma? Brian Christian

The social dilemma, the effects of the YouTube recommended algorithm and social media addiction with American author Brian Christian.

How does social media compete for your attention, does the YouTube algorithm need to be stopped, and what is Netflix’s "The Social Dilemma" about? Today I spoke with acclaimed author Brian Christian about something thats been worrying me, the negative effects of the YouTube recommended algorithm. We also covered his books Algorithms to Live By which explains how to manage your time more effectively (according to machines) and The Alignment Problem (AI) where Brian writes about his concerns if we lose control of artificial intelligence.

Personally, I wish I would have watched The Social Dilemma before I started using social media many years ago and I worry that social media is giving kids (and us adults) a spike of anxiety. I may sound dramatic but I wonder if we lose control, can social media ruin / destroy our mental health? Finally, Brian is too brilliant for me not to ask his take on if life is actually a simulation (Simulation Theory) + Elon Musk, Tesla, artificial intelligence, algorithms: pros and cons, and much more. Enjoy!

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